Spring Trends

Spring is just around the corner, and with it come new and fresh fashion trends. There will be several well-known footwear from last season in footwear, and there are some completely new trends.

If at the beginning of the season, you also feel that you have nothing to wear and wear, know that for trendy and sophisticated styling you only need small accessories or one pair of new shoes. This spring brings quite a few old acquaintances, as well as some new trends. Among other things, we will swear by slip-on shoes and high thick heels, high sneakers, ballerinas, and moccasins.

Whether it is closed or open shoes with a platform and a thick heel, the trend of robust shoes comes in a variety of styles, and they look especially cool in combination with tight-fitting retro clothing such as pantyhose. The combination, which we will be able to see everywhere this spring, will include a dress or skirt and platform shoes, and the styling will have a retro touch of the 70s of the last century.

Robust moccasins are one of the warmest fashion choices of spring. The low model also has a cult thickened sole this season, and instead of black, white will be in the foreground this time. The rule that applies to all models is clear: the more robust the look, the better. In addition, robust moccasins are real fashion chameleons: during the day, they go great with jeans and jackets, and for evening styling, combine them elegantly with a dress or skirt.

In addition to sneakers, platform shoes, and moccasins, boots will also be in trend in the spring. Whether it is elegant or classic riding boots, combine them this season with classic black leggings or skirts.