Shipping costs

We ships from EU (Germany and Italy) by DHL end by FedEx.

Estimated delivery time is 3 - 6 working days. For Russia 10 - 14 days.
We need one more day to prepare the package.

Shipping costs

Country  Shipping costs
EU, UK Free shipping (up to 4 kg)
USA Free shipping (up to 4.4 lb)
Canada Free shipping (up to 4.4 lb)
Australia 12.50 EUR
New Zealand 12.50 EUR
China 16.50 EUR
Hong Kong 16.50 EUR
Japan 16.50 EUR
Singapore 16.50 EUR
United Arab Emirates 16.50 EUR
Indonesia 16.50 EUR
Malaysia 16.50 EUR
Philippines 16.50 EUR
Thailand  16.50 EUR
Russia 7.90 EUR
Puerto Rico 19.90 EUR
Saudi Arabia 19.90 EUR

We can deliver via USA to almost any country. Shipping to the USA is free, and from here about $ 30.00 dollars to your country.